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Increased hair loss may not directly affect your health, but it might have a big psychological impact. There are several causes of hair loss, including hereditary factors, hormonal problems, fungal infections of the scalp, stress, autoimmune illnesses, and nutritional deficiencies, but there are steps you can do to help your hair grow back naturally. Before recommending the best course of treatment, experts at Suhaa – Hair Transplant in Chennai would want to investigate these symptoms. Understanding the underlying cause of hair loss is necessary before we can find a treatment that works for you. We offers the Best Hair Transplant Cost in Chennai at Suhaa – Best Dermatologist in Chennai

Treatment Procedures At Suhaa – Best Hair Transplant in Chennai

At Suhaa, doctors prescribe drugs to prevent hair loss and, if possible, to encourage hair growth. If the results of diagnostic tests reveal an underlying medical condition as the cause of hair loss, we ensure you receive the therapy you require.

PRP Treatment(Platelet-Rich Plasma)- It is an injection therapy used to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration. In addition to aiding in wound clotting, platelets also aid in wound healing. Today, many people use this procedure to address hair loss.  Blood is taken during a PRP session, typically from the patient’s arm. The blood will next be spun by him or her to remove plasma. Platelets, which encourage hair development, are found in plasma, a component of blood. The process is barely painful, and there is no downtime.

Hair Loss Control- This covers dietary supplements, prescribed medications, and lifestyle adjustments. Certain habits and therapies may help strengthen or regrow hair, depending on the reason for hair loss. Dietary changes may have an impact on hair growth and health as well. According to studies that date back several years; Selenium, Vitamin B, Zinc, Vitamin D, Iron, and other vitamins and minerals may be helpful in preventing hair loss. We also suggest good care of the hair and scalp to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Density Improvement- The amount of hair on your head per square inch and the density of the hair follicles on your scalp are both measured as hair density. Since it would be difficult to count every hair strand, putting your hair up in a ponytail and measuring the circumference of the ponytail is a much simpler technique to gauge hair density. Two inches or less is considered low density, two to three inches is considered medium density, and at least four inches is considered high density. If your hair density is declining despite using all of the remedies you can discover, Suhaa – Hair Transplant in Chennai might have a solution for you.

Alopecia Areata- The most prevalent type of male hair loss is called androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. This is an inherited form of baldness that worsens with age and is mediated by DHT, the active form of the hormone testosterone. There are numerous treatment options available depending on the type of alopecia areata you have, your age, and the amount of hair loss. The main objectives of treatment are to stop the immune system’s attack and to promote hair growth. This is particularly useful for those with milder forms of the condition. The transplanted new hair should survive in bald-resistant, hair-abundant tissue, according to the fundamental element of hair transplantation. Regular evolution has led to minute accuracy being incorporated into hair restoration treatments. A minimally invasive surgical operation like a hair transplant should only be carried out by qualified surgeons. With a 90% success rate for regrowing hair, the benefits are long-lasting. FUE and FUT hair transplant are the 2 main hair transplant methods. FUE  hair transplant doesn’t require suturing and leaves hardly any scarring, it is currently the gold standard procedure for Hair Transplant in Chennai.

Roller Scalp- This is a little roller-like hair tool with needles that can be anywhere between 0.25mm and 1.5mm in size. When turned over, these needles cause microscopic punctures on the scalp. The act of creating wounds on the skin triggers the restorative process in the body, which strengthens your hair follicles and promotes stronger hair growth. It promotes microcirculation, which aids in nourishing the roots and enables the growth of thicker and more robust hair.

GFC Hair- It is the most recent non-surgical hair regrowth method.  Over the course of eight to ten months, the afflicted areas are repeatedly injected with a combination of growth factors designed to promote hair growth. It is a targeted therapy in which the growth factors—the last generation of growth molecules are delivered right to the hair roots. Bypassing both skin and blood barriers, it should potentially be a very successful treatment for the majority of hair loss patterns and essentially without any side effects.  In the early stages of alopecia, it can replace transplantation, and can also be effective when all other treatments have failed.

Why Choose Suhaa For Hair Treatment in Chennai?

Our doctors who specialize in hair restoration have a deep understanding of your complicated problems and the knowledge to do the procedure with great competence. Our clinic also employs excellent cutting-edge techniques for hair growth. Suhaa Multi-Speciality Cosmetic Clinic provides reasonably priced medical care for hair treatments like PRP, GFC, hair transplant, density improvement, and other services to control hair loss in Chennai.  We utilize surgical and non-surgical hair treatments to halt hair loss and encourage hair growth. Our doctors, who have years of experience in both hair PRP and hair transplantation, have developed a unique, minimally invasive method that is specifically designed for you. We provide a variety of cutting-edge, distinctive methods. If you want to know the Hair Transplant Cost in Chennai then feel free to contact us. We at Suhaa also have the Best Skin Specialist Clinic in Chennai

FAQs About Hair Loss Treatment At Suhaa – Hair Transplant in Chennai

Q. What is the best treatment for a hair fall or hair loss?

A. There are many methods for controlling hair loss. Consult with our experts at Suhaa Clinic to identify the precise reason for hair loss and learn how to stop it.

Q. Is a hair transplant a permanent or temporary solution for baldness?

A. Yes, a hair transplant is an effective long-term remedy.  The majority of patients begin to experience improvements six to nine months after their transplant procedure. Many patients need an entire year.

Q. How often should you use a scalp roller?

A. Begin slowly. Once a week, try and pay attention to how your body responds to it.  Repeatedly rubbing the scalp will only cause damage and infection rather than new hair growth.

Q. How many sessions of GFC are required?

A. GFC treatment for hair often requires 3–4 sessions before results can be seen.

Q. How long does hair PRP take?

A. Each PRP treatment lasts about 90 minutes. Therefore, the duration of PRP treatment may range from 6 to 9 months overall depending on the severity of hair loss.