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Laser Hair Removal in Chennai

Laser Hair Removal in Chennai

The most popular methods for getting rid of body and face hair are waxing, threading, shaving, and plucking. Unfortunately, the hair relief is only momentary; within a few weeks, it will begin to grow again. You must thus attend the next appointment within a month. With the help of a low-cost affordable Laser Hair Removal in Chennai at Suhaa, avoid all these problems. This non-invasive method can be used to eliminate unwanted body hair from any part of the body. More and more people, both women and men, are adopting laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted body hair. Laser Hair Removal involves exposing the hair follicles to a focused laser beam in order to permanently reduce the growth of unwanted hair. Any area of the body may be given this treatment, however the most popular places are the face, underarms, bikini area, or any area where pubic hair grows, back, and legs, At Suhaa – Best Dermatologist in Chennai


 How Does It Laser Hair Removal Work?

All Laser Hair Removal in Chennai procedures use various light-based technologies, yet they are all similar. Bright bursts of light are directed at the undesired hair during a therapy session. The melanin in the hair follicles is the light’s only target after it passes through the skin. The pigment essentially kills the hair by absorbing the light energy. There are many hand-piece sizes available for treating numerous hairs simultaneously.

How Many Sessions For Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Multiple sessions are necessary to target the hair follicles throughout their growth phase. To see permanent, long-lasting improvements, the majority of patients require at least 4 to 6 sessions. Over time, touch-ups might be required. Patients should start to observe improvements after the first treatment; their skin will smooth out and their hairs will regrow lighter and weaker. With each consecutive treatment, the effects will become more pronounced and spectacular until all follicles have been destroyed, thus halting further hair growth.

Who Should Get Laser Laser Hair Removal in Chennai?
  • Those who suffer from hirsutism, a disorder that causes women to grow their hair out excessively. A hormonal imbalance (polycystic ovarian disease), tumors, or inheritance may be to blame for the excessive hair growth.
  • Those who have hypertrichosis; this disorder is characterized by excessive body hair growth in places of the body where women normally have hair. Malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, metabolic issues or malignancies, and drugs are some causes of this syndrome.
  • For a neater appearance, some guys who are dissatisfied with their thick hairy skin may think about laser hair removal.
  • Patients with recurring folliculitis or hair infections after shaving, such as those with beards, or perianal infections brought on by pilonidal sinuses may think about laser hair removal.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal?

  • Area to be Shaved: The region being treated should not be plucked or waxed, although shaving it 24 to 48 hours before your consultation is crucial. Even though your hair is not visible to the human eye, the laser may still be able to target the pigment at the hair’s base. Since the hair is below the skin’s surface, shaving the area is necessary to significantly reduce the risk of burns.
  • Stay Out Of The Sun: The area that will be treated with laser hair removal must be out of the sun for two weeks prior to the procedure. Both tanning beds and self-tanners fall under this category. In addition to skin discoloration following your laser treatment, sunburns can be excruciatingly painful and blister. The majority of laser specialists will try to delay treatment if you have sunburn. Therefore, if the treated region cannot be covered while outdoors, make careful to wear sunscreen every day.
  • Check Your Medications: When speaking with the laser specialist of Suhaa, it’s critical to let them know about any medicine you’re currently on. both topical and oral. Some drugs may interfere with your laser treatments, decreasing their efficacy. Other drugs can make the skin sensitive and more likely to burn or blister.  While your laser specialist will be able to modify your treatment suitably and proceed cautiously, you won’t need to stop taking your medicine. Moreover, you should be sure to let them know before your subsequent consultation if you start taking any new medications.
  • Remove Makeup or Creams: Before each of your sessions, you should remove any chemicals from beauty products that might have an impact on the effectiveness of laser hair removal. This includes everything applied physically to the region, such as deodorant, cosmetics, lotions, ointments, and anything else. The skin that will be treated should only be washed with soap and water. Use water to rinse the area after using makeup remover, if applicable.

Expected Results Of Laser Hair Removal 

Results of laser hair removal can be seen after the third session. You’ll notice a decline in hair growth. Most patients are satisfied with the results after the sixth session and report that hair growth has been greatly reduced. However, it’s important to understand that the effects of laser hair removal can vary based on a person’s hormonal balance. Some PCOS or menopausal women may have hormonal imbalances, which could lead to excessive growth. Additional sessions and yearly maintenance sessions might be necessary in such cases.

Why Choose Suhaa For Laser Hair Removal in Chennai?

-Suhaa’s Laser Hair Removal facility in Chennai is FDA-approved treatment.

-Procedure is performed by a laser specialist or technician.

-Easy and painless procedure that doesn’t require much of your time or money.

We, at Suhaa – Skin Specialist Treatment in Chennai will do our best to ensure that your experience of laser hair removal with us is as perfect as possible. Our specialist will recommend additional post-treatment care that must be thoroughly followed in order to achieve better results. Only if you notice redness or have a minor burning sensation does specific aftercare need to be taken. Given the minimal likelihood that these occur, skin-calming medications prescribed by your dermatologist can be used. Permanent hair removal with lasers is a tried-and-true method carried out under the direction of qualified medical professionals at Suhaa. Visit Suhaa Clinic For Laser Hair Removal in Chennai straight away the next time you look for laser hair removal treatment nearby!

FAQs About Laser Hair Removal At Suhaa Chennai

  1. Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment safe?
  2. Yes, Laser Hair Removal is a completely safe procedure. Procedures are performed at Suhaa, Laser Hair Removal in Chennai under the supervision of our skin care specialists.
  3. How long does laser hair removal really last?
  4. The process of laser hair removal is not one-time only. Results of laser hair removal will last for two to six years after you have completed all of your sessions.
  5. Can I shave 2 days after laser hair removal?
  6. Waiting at least three to four days following your treatment is usually best because shaving too soon could irritate the skin.
  7. How much does laser hair removal cost?
  8. The amount of time needed for therapy, the number of sessions, and the size of the area being treated all play a role in estimating the cost of your treatment.