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Suhaa – Studio


Pamper yourself with a unique experience through our modern methodologies to treat your nails. Suhaa provides you complete package of nail grooming services.

Nourish and strengthen your nails and give them a natural glow. Here are the services that manicure your nail.

1. Epitome of Elegance:
Suhaa’s manicurists treat your nails, clean, shape and trim them completely. Your nails will be gently polished with a hand massage at the end.

2. Waxy:
Get complete moisture nails and hands with us through our paraffin treatment to polish your nails.

3. Vitrification:
Creation of French Tips with porcelain procedures for long lasting result.

From nail shaping to foot soaking, Suhaa provides complete services for your foot maintenance. Our services are,
Hot stone pedicure
• Oiling
• Massage
• Polishing
• Feet soak and clean
• Callus removal
• Filing

Gel / Acrylic Nails:
Protect your nails through natural layers with the mixture of liquid and powder for durable result.
Suhaa provide you completely personalized services with the colours of your choices. The Acrylic nails, when exposed to air, results in the exact base of nails with the colour you chose.
Our service and methodologies for your acrylic nails are completely natural and durable. It is also easily removable.
For Gel Nails, Suhaa lets your nails get brushed and then dried under UV lights to cure the product.
Gel Nail treatment from us is completely eco-friendly for your natual and glossy look.

Suhaa is here to provide you perfect Shellac manicure. Our nail technicians are highly qualified and professional thereby providing you much gratifying services for doing your nails.
Shellac manicure is a combination of polishing and gelling of your nails, further preceded with the process of drying with UV lights.
Our Shellac manicure process results in long lasting natural look and has faster drying time that is completely safe.