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Privcay Policy

The real drive factor behind our endeavors and success is your trust. It’s our utmost duty to protect your privacy and secure your personal information.

Here we include the policy we handle to gather, work with, and process your personal information in accordance with your interaction to the reliable areas in and around our service platform.

Suhaa – The Med Spa operates and get in touch with other related sites where we get to know that you are intended to get served. We always make assure that any information we collect about you are highly secured and you are respected about your privacy we get through accessing the websites.

Site Visit:

As similar as common website operators, Suhaa-The Med Spa get know about your need and browses from where we gather your information regarding the sort. The information we gather through this includes your browser types, sites you refer, preferred language, search kind and date & time of your visit.

The real purpose of gathering the user’s information is to have a better understanding about the way our users visit the website. We constantly generate the reports on the trends of the usage of the visitors.

The Internet Protocol addresses of our visitors are also collected at the time whenever the users log in and send comments in the comment section on our sites and blogs. The administrators of the sites and blogs will know your IP Address and your mail address. Only at the time of your log in, leaving comments and use, the administrators will come to know it.

The following are the ways and the respective information we gather about the visitors at the time of their log in and commenting in the sections.

Some of the visitors of wish to interact with us in an intention to know about the services and other details. At such a time, the users will be asked to enter their user name and email address from where we store the details. Few visitors are asked to provide certain information at the time of clarifying their doubts or gathering the details. From where we gather few personally identified information of our users. The details we get at the time of interaction include certain personal and financial information that are required for the transaction process. We also never demand for any information from the users unless you are ready to give. You can also refuse to share your details in case you don’t feel to send.

No other ways than mentioned are used and no other information that mentioned are gathered from our visitors.

Statistical Reports:

Suhaa conduct certain surveys and get statistics report then and there about the behavior and satisfaction of the visitors. These statics will be published and sent to other visitors if necessary. Other than this, we follow no ways to aggregate the reports from and to the users.

Protection of your information:

Suhaa assures in guarding your information we gathered. Suhaa shares the details of the users only to the administrators and certain official contractors and organization after making sure about the protection of your details you shared. The contractors and organizations who get the information are those who need to know the details to process the Suhaa’s availability of services to the clients, who have made sure about maintaining the dfetails safe and secured, who are dwelled outside your home country and can maintain it safe and who are working to serve you your expected services.

Suhaa does not sell rent your details it gathered to anyone other than we mentioned. Your details will not be shared to the third parties at any cost unless it is under a court order or official government policies.

We also mail you to keep you updated about our services and policies we undergo. In case of any responsibility, your permission to share the details for your response will be made sure. Suhaa constantly check on your safety and work for protecting your details against the unauthorized access, alteration or destruction.


Cookies are the information stored by the websites on your computer and browsing history. Suhaa stores and gathers the visit details of the users through the cookies. The users can set the browsers to refuse cookies before visiting our website in order to avoid the functionless of certain access.


The ads appearing on the website while you scroll might have set the cookies to gather your info details for further service process for you. Such an ad can recognize your search details about you and anyone who uses your system. But Suhaa ensures that we don’t let any of those ads or cookies to gather your information. Our Privacy Policy assures the security of the information you share.


Suhaa updates its privacy policies often and every time it changes, you will be notified. It also encourages our users who go through our website often and get know the updated policy. Any alterations made in our privacy policy will not step back in protecting your information and details we gathered about the users. Suhaa ensures completely safe and protected platform, guarding your personal information.