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Terms of Service

Suhaa Terms of Services

The terms and conditions of our services are followed that covers all the information, products and services that are delivered or known at or through the website. All the terms and conditions are solid and are highly recommended to get known by the users.

The contents, information, products, services and all the details found in the website are accessed and owned by Suhaa – the Med Spa.

Anyone going through the website are advised to read our terms and conditions. Your acceptance on the website’s information are to be done without affecting or modifying the complete terms and conditions applied here.

The terms of services include the entire operating rules, policies and the published procedures terming the agreement.

If you are not agreeing on our terms and conditions, you may not access our websites, the products and services we included.

 There also includes limitations in the acceptance of the terms and conditions applied. Any individual above 13 can agree and access the websites.


If you enter or create a blog on our website, it is mandatory for you to take care of your blogs, maintaining them with security.

You are totally responsible for the further activities that happen with your blog you created. Any actions done with your account you used to post the blogs and any other ideas used by other users are totally under your responsibility.

 The content you used should have been followed all our terms and conditions. Any content or keyword that modifies our policies will not be accepted and published.

 All the words entered should be lawful and leading manner that go in proper terms with our policies.

Any reputation or copy of the content from other users or bloggers will be highly prohibited from all the pages of our sites.

You are asked to inform us immediately in case of any misleading or copy content of your blog to avoid any misuses.

Comments and other access:

Any user who operate a blog, leave a comment or respond to a comment, post material or links to the website are responsible for all the results and issues that outcome for the content.

 Any misleading comments are not allowed and any response to your comments is to be dealt by your own.

 The warrants you provide through creating content in our websites are as follows:

  • The copy rights have reserved for the entire site including the contents, products services and all the other materials. Any downloading or copying of the files will be considered out of the rules and terms and are strictly avoided. The copyright, trademark, patent or the trade secret rights are to be highly secured.
  • The blogs and other materials created on the website are completely safe and you will be receiving any unwanted ads or other spam links that annoys you. Your works and creations will not be used for any promotional activities of the organization at any cost.
  • The name or user ID of your blogs you posted will not be owned by any other person or company. Any user reading your blog will not get a doubt whether the blog has been created from other person or company.

Once your content gets included in the website, we will be granted permission to display and publish them in all media sites at any cost without modifying the terms and copy rights alterations.

Payment methods:

Once you select a product or service from Suhaa, you are ought to complete the payment either at a single time or in EMI basis as you discussed earlier. All your payments are not refundable.

In case of any cancellation of your subscription, it is mandatory to inform us priory. Your payment will be continued unless you cancel your subscription.

Website terms:

Suhaa is not responsible for any virus, worms and other harm to your computer system thereby visiting our websites.

Suhaa is completely unique and separated from any other websites. Any link to other websites is totally not under our control.

Suhaa reserves all the rights to post or display ad on your blog you posted in our website.

Any modifications are changes in the terms and conditions are completely rights reserved by Suhaa. Anyone visiting the site are asked to read the terms and proceed further only on the acceptance of the users.

Suhaa  has complete rights to neglect or refuse any user to use the website at cost without any further information or notification in case of any misleading activities in our website.  You are asked to use the website only on accepting this.

All the materials, products, services and contractors hold proper licensors from the respective administrators and the directors of the organization.

The agreement constitutes the entire terms and conditions applied on Suhaa regarding the relationship and process between the users and us.